Posted May 21, 2015

The Five Most Commonly Sustained Injuries in a Car Accident

A moment’s distraction or lack of concentration while driving can simultaneously have a disastrous impact on the lives involved. Depending on the circumstances of the crash and the severity of the impact, car accidents can cause major injury or even worse, be fatal.

For those who are fortunate to survive the impact there is still high risk of sustaining injuries which can take weeks or even years to heal. In some cases, an injury sustained from the accident may not present any symptoms until a few months down the track. Whether it was a minor incident or a write-off, it’s important to know some of the common injuries sustained and what you could potentially claim in car accident compensation.

1. Head and neck

Your head might have been thrown about or hit the dashboard or side windows after sudden clashes resulting in any of the following injuries;


Your neck was jolted and bent to extremes at the point of collision. With sudden movement, the head moved back and then to the front. This movement may cause the tendons and muscles to move beyond their normal range. Many people pass this injury off as a relatively common injury and is mistreated. Failure to properly treat patients with whiplash can lead to a much longer period of immobility, and greater pain and distress.


A portion of your brain might be in shock when your head collided against the car panel. You may likely suffer from memory loss, lack of joint coordination or bodily imbalance. You’ll  generally get disoriented since your nervous system was shaken up. You may also feel like you could vomit.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A Traumatic Brain Injury may result from a blow or rapid movement of the brain inside the skull and can range from a mild brain injury to severe brain damage. Recovery time and the extent of the damage is different for everyone. Some short and long-term effects of TBI include cognitive difficulties, fatigue, headaches, impulsivity and increase irritability.

2. Back

Aside from sores and bruises, there may be more to back injuries than what’s seen on the surface. There may be internal damages where you’ll be prone to suffer from:

Herniated disc

Severe back pain will happen because of an extrusion on the spinal disc. At worst, this fibrous extrusion or burst beyond the disc can cause incontinence. Your doctor might require you to undergo physical therapy or surgery to ease the fibres back into the disc.

Vertebrae fracture

The health of our backs affect how we do our daily errands. With a fracture vertebrae, it will limit your movement. Your spine could also become deformed, making you suffer from poor posture and prolonged back pains.

3. Arms and legs

With the collision’s impact, you are vulnerable to getting scrapes and cuts from shards of glass.

Cuts and bruises

If you were wounded by broken pieces of glass, you might be at risk of infection. Your legs may also suffer from swelling and intense pain. While wounds may be treated with topical medication, you’ll need to check if you’ve sustained other permanent injuries on the affected areas.

Post-Traumatic Arthritis

The cartilage in your bones might deteriorate or errode after the accident. Without cartilage, your bones will lack lubrication and grind against eachother resulting in intense pain and lack of range in motion.

4. Chest

Unlike other body parts, chest injuries do not immediately surface right after the accident. This means you should get regular checkups even several hours after the crash.

Fractured Sternum

If you have bruises and chest pains, it’s best to get an X-Ray or CAT scan. You might have a broken sternum behind a severely battered chest.

Dislocated or cracked ribs

If you’re experiencing shortness of breath and unidentifiable pain in the middle of your back, your ribs might be cracked or dislocated. This usually happens to drivers when their chests hit against the steering wheel.

5. Mental and emotional

A range of thoughts and emotions may occur after the accident. Even after the physical wounds have healed and cars parts are replaced, you may still be emotionally traumatised by the crash.

Post-Traumatic Psychological Disorder

The memory of an accident causes shock to a person. You may suffer from stress, nightmares, insomnia or even depression. Repeatedly rationalising the accident will be detrimental to your mental health, and you may need to seek counselling.

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