Posted June 17, 2015

De-bunking the Myths in Personal Injury Law

The law around personal injury can become quite complex and overwhelming to wrap your head around. Despite this, it is important to have a basic level of understanding to help you make informed decisions especially when an accident occurs. The following de-bunked myths should help you gain a better perspective around compensation and personal injury law.

 Myth # 1: All compensations take years to process.

Processing claims usually take some months to three years depending on the extent of an injury and complexity of the accident. On average, substantial settlements can be made after a little over a year.

Whether you’ve suffered a minor or major injury, it’s advisable to contact your insurance provider and prepare your medical records once an accident occurs.

Unfortunately, most people wait out for three to six months before getting their records straightened out. This can further lengthen the time it takes for them to process your claim and for you to receive your benefits.

They might have initially thought the accident was not as severe. After some time you may find some of your injuries have worsened. It will then take some additional efforts for your doctor and lawyers to trace previous records and evaluate your situation. Always have your insurance provider and physician on call, so they can readily gauge the extent of your accident.

 Myth # 2: Benefit packages are never complete.

What should constitute your compensation? We can never tell what the future holds when it comes to the possible changes in personal injury laws. In reality, impairment thresholds or recognisable degrees of injuries may keep changing along with their corresponding coverage.

Thankfully, there are compensation calculators to estimate the extent of benefits a person may gain depending on a type of accident and the degree of any injury. They should give a rough figure on how much should be covered in the process.

Here are some of the factors which a state and insurance provider may consider:

  • Nature of injury and its corresponding treatment expenses
  • Property damages (if a vehicle or equipment was involved during the accident)
  • Recuperation costs (medicines and other living expenses such as food, utilities, therapy, etc.)
  • Amount of loss in future earnings

You’ll need to identify which items will be covered by your insurance provider, employer or any other faulting party, and corresponding local council. Since every situation varies, this is where the guidance from us as your lawyer will be mostly helpful.

 Myth # 3: Lawyers are only after representation fees.

This generalisation puts you at risk of choosing a more affordable, instead of an effective lawyer. At worst, you may directly consult with your insurance provider and skip considering legal advice altogether. You would then be risking the assurance and full coverage when it comes to the preparation of any accident.

The “No win, no fee” policy may seem too good to be true, but this beneficial invitation can go both ways. Claimants won’t need to pay for a case which was not won. Representatives will fight for their clients, not only as an incentive to get paid but to also effectively get referrals based on positive word of mouth.

A reputable firm invests not only on the profits reaped from representation fees and settlement percentages. Law firms get established because of the relationships they fostered throughout their years of practice.

 What should you do?

Set your personal standards (such as reasonable fees, years of experiences, types of cases handled, etc.), before seeking for credible firms in your area. This way you can truly see lawyers as defenders of your rights in any case of an accident.

Check the factors which hold you back from fully understanding the coverage of personal injury compensations. If you’d like to know about how each accident can be covered, call us on 1300 LAWYER so we can start discussing your situation and help you get prepared to make a solid claim.

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