Posted July 21, 2015

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer: 5 Things to know

It’s never a good idea to grab just any lawyer at the last minute. While it’s something we may not see as a priority, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer firm in mind.


Once something happens to you or someone close to you, it can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. In some cases, things can start moving pretty quickly and the last thing you want to worry about is trying to find a lawyer you can trust. It’s good to have someone who has the experience in dealing with these situations and can provide you the emotional support you need.  


Here are some things to consider when finding a compensation lawyer in Brisbane.

1. Evaluate your lifestyle.

Do you commute or drive on your way to work? Does your job require a lot of manual labour? Personal injury can be a complex topic as it covers various accidents and unfortunate events anyone may experience anywhere. 

If you mainly operate heavy machinery, you might be at risk of workplace injuries of a higher degree. This is why you may look into a network of representatives specialising in workplace injuries. You can apply this very same principle with motor vehicle claims, if a significant number of work hours are allocated to travel time.

2. Go for a small specialist firm.

When you go for a smaller specialist firm, you will be dealing with one person. One person who knows everything about your situation and the claim you are making. Also, when you are dealing with a specialist personal injury law firm, the environment will be tailored to run your personal injury claim more efficiently.

3.       Look at their experience.

We’re not talking about how old the law firm is. We’re talking about the experience of the lawyer dealing with your case. Do you feel they understand your case and the area well? Most lawyers will specialise in one or two kinds of law so if you are hiring a lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case, make sure they specialise in personal injury cases. At Kerin Lawyers, our team combined has over 40 years specialising in personal injury law including Steve Kerin who has worked in injury law since 1983 and Stuart Wright since 2006.

4.       Can you build trust with this firm?

Your choice of a legal representative will determine your quality of life in the next few months or even years so trust is important. It’s worthwhile to valuably invest on a relationship with a firm which ultimately goes for the interests of its clients. Some ways you can validate this kind of trust is see what the businesses unique selling points are. Do they push their friendly staff without the legal jargon? Have you read about their lawyers defending particular cases in the media?

5.       Seek referrals.

Lastly, seek for referrals from your close friends and family members. Their stories and successes should get you closer to finding your own personal injury lawyer. You can also do your own research by setting up a consultation schedule with your shortlisted firms and prepare a set of questions before meeting with them. Your own standards will guide you in choosing the best personal injury lawyer for you.

 Don’t hesitate to put Kerin Lawyers on your shortlist. Kerin Lawyers specialise in Motor Vehicle and Workplace Injuries, Medical Negligence, Estate Law, Disability Insurance and more. Set an appointment with us by filling out our enquiry form or calling us on 1300 LAWYER today. 

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