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Motor Vehicle Injuries

Workplace Injuries


Will's and Deceased Estates

Superannuation & Disability Insurance


And More services Including:



We will bear the potentially substantial cost of outlays, including:

·         Medical, investigator’s, engineer reports

·         Medical records

·         Search and filing fees

Which are required to run your case.

You will not have to take out a litigation loan (or with interest - some firms charge up to 28% p.a.), to pay for these outlays, or bear the cost if your case is unsuccessful (some conditions apply).

When your case succeeds, our fees and any outlays will be deducted from the amount awarded.

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Could all my compensation be eaten up by legal fees?

Emphatically, no!! Regulations and laws restrict how much Kerin Lawyers can charge you. Our fees are based on court-regulated scales. No time costing.

We will keep you well-informed throughout the claim process so you will always know how much you will receive in-hand.

Any up-front costs will be discussed before you become our client.