Pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists, cars, utes, trucks, drivers or passengers of vehicles may get compensation if they are injured in an accident.

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  1. Lodge a claim
    • As soon as possible after accident
    • Kerin Lawyers will identify the at-fault driver and insurer and lodge your claim for you
  2. Rehabilitation
    • From accident to about 12 months after
    • Once liability is admitted by the at-fault insurer, generally all rehabilitation (including surgery) costs can be paid by the at-fault insurer
  3. Medico-legal appointments
    • Once injuries have stabilised
    • Medico-legal doctors will assess you regarding your injuries
    • Kerin Lawyers will not make you take out a litigation loan to pay for these reports (see more about our no win no fee, no litigation loan policies)
  4. Compulsory Conference
    • 15-18 months post-accident, depending on injuries
    • First attempt to settle case and receive compensation
    • Kerin Lawyers will represent you and ensure you get the best outcome
  5. Issue Legal Proceedings
    • If no settlement at the Compulsory Conference
    • Not a legal trial, takes 4-6 months
    • Usually settlement reached
  6. Legal trial
    • Less than 5% of cases
    • Kerin Lawyers will ensure you are represented by Queensland’s best personal injury Barristers who also work on a no win no fee basis

What should I do if I have been in an accident?

As soon as possible after the accident:

  1. Make a police report and obtain a Police Report/QP/Traffic incident number.
  2. In order to ensure your rights to pursue compensation are protected, contact Kerin Lawyers immediately (Call 1300 LAWYER now or fill out an enquiry form). From the date of accident, you will have:
  • 3 months to make a claim If it was a hit and run (unidentified vehicle)
  • 9 months to make a claim if the other driver’s vehicle was not registered or uninsure

      3. Go see your GP to report on your injuries if you have been to hospital

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 LAWYER.