Your quality of life and ability to work may be impacted if you are injured on public or private property, including:

·         At parks, school yards, amusement venues

·         At rental properties

·         At shopping centres, other private buildings

·         Caused by animals

·         Recreational/sporting

·         Labour hire/construction accidents

·         Physical and sexual assaults

·         Food poisoning

·         Aviation and boating

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If you are injured at work, or on your way to or from work, see more about Workplace Injuries here.


Most claims resolve within 12 months of injury, however this can vary.

  1. Free consultation at Kerin Lawyers to discuss what happened
    • set up a free initial no obligation consultation or send us an enquiry
  2. Lodge a Notice of Claim and notify the at-fault person
    • This must be within 9 months of the accident, or 1 month after you consult a lawyer
  3. At-fault person will investigate
    • They have 6 months to do so before making a decision about your claim 
  4. Assessment by a Medico-Legal doctor
    • Once your injuries have stabilised
  5. Settlement conference
    • We will represent you and ensure you receive the best compensation possible
  6. Most cases settle out of Court